Hizb al-Rizq - حزب الرزق - The Lintany of Sustenance

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The Litany of sustenance

by Sayyidi al-Sheikh Abul Hasan al-Shadhili

In The Name of Allah, The Universally Merciful, The Singularly Compassionate

O Allah, O Ever-Living One, O Self-Subsisting One, to You I pray and I fast, and for You I sit and I stand. Give life to my heart with knowledge of You and forgive my sin through Your Grace. Indeed, none forgives sins but You.

O Allah, truly You watch over me, are present with me and have power over me. Place upon me knowledge, hearing and sight. Grant me intimacy with You, awe of You, and strengthen my certainty of You.Through You I am protected, so make me adhere properly to my religion. In You I have placed my trust, so grant me what suffices me. With You I took refuge, so save me from that which harms me. You are sufficient for me and the Best Disposer of affairs.

O Allah, make me content with Your Decrees and make me satisfied with Your Gifts. Inspire me with gratefulness for Your Favors and make me one of Your Saints. You are the Protector and the Praised. O Allah, make me dwell in Your Proximity and gratify me with Your Speech. Although I am not fit for that, You are (fit to grant me such). Bestow Your blessings,

O Allah, upon our master and our liege, Muhammad, his Family and Companions, and bestow abundant peace and grace. May the blessings of Allah be upon our master, Muhammad, his Family and Companions, and abundant peace.


Arabic text taken from Awrād al-Tarīqah al-Shādhiliyyah published by Dār al-Bayrūtī (Syria) in 2007
English translation by: Abu Isma’il

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